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As the name suggests B2B websites are used for the transactions between businesses to business. It is the exchange of Service or Products between businesses rather than business and consumers. Generally B2B websites perform mass transactions which mean higher volume of transaction than the B2C websites.

These B2B websites are useful in generating bulk business and they help the owners to earn huge profits. Here are some key elements that a B2B website must have:

  • Reliability is very consequential
  • It must provide Payment Security
  • Good Content management system
  • Ability to generate good ecommerce deals
  • Integrating CRM and Sales automation system
  • Necessary accounting systems, order accomplishment systems
  • Inventory Management system
  • Proper keyword strategy for good SEO

With all these features, any B2B website can be a perfect website to generate business as these elements help to run business smoothly. Generally B2B websites receives orders in bulk so there must be strong Order Management System integrated with the website.

Many ecommerce platforms are used to develop B2B websites with all required in built functionalists. Business 2 Business websites created on these platforms have good rankings in search engines as these platforms are enriched with relevant SEO strategies. To get a B2B website built, it’s preferable to consult with any B2B website development company such as Orwer IT & Media Services.

Website developers at ORWER have years of experience in B2B Ecommerce Web Development. Our team of designers, developers, project managers can cater you needs in a very efficient way thus providing you what you need. B2B websites designed by our team play a vital role in achieving your goals by providing better lead generations that will be forwarded to your sales team.

We have three types of B2B website design & development packages that can suit your needs. May be you are from any business sector and wish to develop a B2B website with elegant design , relevant content, attractive and simple yet professional look; we are here to cater your needs and create a custom B2B website for your business.

  • Assurance to get better leads and conversions
  • CMS platform to look after the website content and manage as required
  • Inventory management
  • Answering to the customer queries, handling issues
  • Taking orders
  • Separate Login for your clients/ distributors or sales
  • Printable catalogues
  • Responsive websites
  • And much more that will make your website a perfect B2B website

Your B2B website created by us can do miracles. Here’s how:

We also offer 24x7 customer service and make use of the latest methodologies in designing your website. We understand that the website serves as the mirror of your business and hence, offer you one that not only looks great but is loaded with all the latest functionalities.

  • A B2B website that can generate many leads.
  • Framework of your website which includes website design as well as working status of website so that it can be optimized as and when needed.
  • Marketing of complex products will be easy.

Our B2B website design services are rendered till the customer is fully satisfied followed by necessary customer support as and when needed. Contact us to get a quote or register on our website, we will get back to you within one working day during business hours.

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