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E-bay Integration & Development

Orwer IT & Media Services provides technical help for automatically integrating your E-Commerce store with eBay. Instantly upload products to eBay and save time by managing eBay products, inventory and sales from your existing E-Commerce store.

E-Bay Integration Key Features:
Multi-channel sales
  • Manage sales for eBay and your online store from X-Cart.
Product management
  • Instantly upload product listings to eBay. Automatically create eBay product descriptions and manage eBay products from E-Commerce store.
Image management
  • Automatically upload product images to eBay.
Price management
  • eBay prices are automatically populated and managed from store.
Category management
  • Select which eBay categories your products will appear in.
Order management
  • eBay orders are automatically downloaded to Store. Manage sales in your store and automatically upload order information to eBay in real-time.
Shipping management
  • Specify shipping methods for eBay orders in your store. Automatically upload shipping and tracking details to eBay.
Customer management
  • Customer accounts are automatically created in your store using customer information from eBay.
Inventory management
  • Avoid overselling. The module automatically maintains accurate inventory levels between eBay and your online store.
Automatic updates
  • Reduce manpower costs. Since updates are performed automatically there’s no need to manually enter product and order data in multiple systems.
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