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ERP Software Development

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software Development provides you capabilities and features which allow you to pick the ERP options and solutions you need for your dynamic business.

At Orwer IT & Media Services, we have several of the most well-known experts in the software industry today. These internationally acclaimed individuals are able to provide you with world-class knowledge and experience in a variety of software practices and specialized software like ERP, SugarCRM and Xero.

ERP system is software module that integrates departmental functions for different third party platforms like Magento, ZendCart, Joomla, VirualMart etc… and provides centralized platform to manage all data. ERP features support dealing with business challenges, such as processing of product orders. Typically, ERP modules address the needs of particular industries, such as energy, manufacturing etc… An ERP vendor offers an array of modules that a business might utilize to handle purchase and manage warehouse stock.

ERP Features

  • Service Delivery Feature
  • Financial and Accounting Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Services
  • Performance Measurement
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