Execution Approach


Our execution approach which is carefully designed with years of experience and industry best practices will not only help in building the quality product but also to gain maximum return on interest for the customers



Client Initiation

use our “request for quote“ form to contact and discuss with us regarding your project. Our technical team with rich experience and expertise will guide you through the entire process.

NDA & Legal Docs

A Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) is first line of defense in protecting confidential company information such as customer data, inventions and trade secrets. But more importantly, it’s a powerful deterrent, allowing you and your business associates to discuss and agree on privacy right from the start.

Requirement gathering, Research and Analysis

Our team of Analyst research and analyze on the basic requirement gathered from the customer. They prepare the basic document providing the overview of the project from the requirement gathered.

System Requirement Study

our analyst team will propose a solution by critically analyzing all the requirements gathered and then by choosing the appropriate SDLC, the team will successfully bridge the gap between Business and Information Technology.

Project Plan

once all the requirements are confirmed a detailed project plan will be developed by dividing various activities into milestones and assigning priorities and deadlines for the same.


Development Planning

After documentation with all details of modules and Project plans, Strategy is created for development with work allocation to our teams by assigning them the modules for development. Wireframes are developed for understanding the basic flow of the system.

Architecture and Database Design

In parallel with development flow , database diagrams are designed by our team. Designs are created by our creative team to provide the best user interface, so that we can get the smooth flow for the system.

Core Development and Unit Testing

Once we are through with the development planning and Database flow we work on the heart of project i.e. Development. Our team of developers work as per modules assigned to them. Unit testing is processed once the module is completed.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once we are done with all the modules and their integration with respect to each other, testing of the complete product is processed with best testing methods. Our Quality Assurance team provides us different results and reviews based on the test they have gone through.

Milestone/Final Deliveries

Once we have solved all the conflicts and error provided by our team, Delivery of the product is processed. During the complete process we check that we are not missing our deadlines to reach the milestone.


Final delivery of the product is processed. But, new version of the product is released in future having an improved and more secured features to match the new products in the market with advance technologies.


After all the above process is completed software is available for use. All the Deployment activities are conducted such as release, install, activate, deactivate, adaptation, update, version tracking, un-install etc.


Modifications & Enhancements

Improved, advanced, modified versions of the product are delivered to increase the effectiveness and security of the product.

Bug fixing

By studying/testing the current version of the product, we go through the bugs in the system and work to fix the bugs and release the improved bug free version.

Change Management

Change is the nature of life… Same thing applies with Information technology. New advanced updated technologies are in market. Our team of technical experts keeps them updated to provide the best solutions for the customers. New changes are applied in the product to provide customer with the safest solutions.

Maintenance contracts

With our team of experts we help you to maintain your products for an pre agreed period of time. So if and when you face a problem with your products our team will always be there to help you

Technical support

Our technical team is available for providing the best support with a guarantee to get back to you in next 24 hours. Our technical experts with years of experience in this field provide you the best support and solution for the problems/error.

End User training & Support

Once the product is done our training team provides you the training for use and better understanding of the product. We also provide the support if they face any problem at any point in use of the product.

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