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About Ingram Micro to Magento


Project Brief:

Ingram Micro is a B2B portal that facilitates their resellers to browse through products, make an order and manage products within their portal. Client, a reseller with Ingram Micro, was willing to incorporate his B2C Magento site with Ingram Micro.

We worked around the need and developed a solution that fetches the data from client’s Ingram micro account on regular basis and display it on resellers’ B2C store front, adding predefined margin.

Project Details:

Ingram micro is a B2B Company in the technology industry who has access to nearly 80 percent of the world’s IT spend. It has 1400 suppliers and over 200000 business customers. Ingram micro not only connects distributors and resellers globally, but it also offers marketing and logistic services. Ingram micro has 30 year of experience in order management and global networks of 132 distribution centers. The task was to develop a solution that can fetch data from reseller’s Ingram Micro account to B2C Magento Store on regular basis and to display it stores front adding predefined margin.

In order to provide client with such a workable solution, we custom code a Magento Extension that can work as a bridge between Ingram Micro and client’s B2C Magento site. This Magento Extension fetches all data from client’s Ingram Micro user account and displays all the products on client’s site. Client can also add his own margin to the products cost and display them at selling price or premium price. This Extension takes updates from client’s Ingram Micro user account on regular basis and keeps product data up-to-date.



  • Ingram API Configuration in Magento Admin panel.
  • Profit Margin setting in Magento Admin panel.
  • Auto create additional attributes i.e. Length, Width, Height, etc…
  • Auto generate Attribute Sets i.e. Ingram Specification.
  • Update categories and products without duplication.
  • Import multiple images for each products from Ingram to Magento database.
  • Setup Cron-Job for Daily update of Products.
  • Setup Cron-Job for Stock update, three times in a Day.

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