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Machine to Machine Communication

Machine to Machine Communication has been with us for a long time. The concept of connecting multiple devices and allowing them to communicate and share data is called as Machine to Machine communication. A very simple example will be the ability to connect a Smartphone or computer to a CCTV and watch the video live or a simple receive and transmit baby monitor.

The M2M communication in context of IoT will fundamentally differ from the way the devices are connected. Traditional M2M communication is based on point to point wired connections; however IoT M2M depends mostly on internet and transferring data over cloud. This created a chance to transform all ‘normal’ things into ‘smart’ things.

Below are the few of many newly found solutions with the advent of IoT
  • Real time Vehicle tracking
  • Home appliances management
  • Office management
  • Security
  • Logistics management
Why Choose Us?

At ORWER we believe in coming up with innovative, new-age, out of the box solutions and methods of approaching age old problems for the client and at the same time our solutions are cost effective too, which when combined with our experience with IoT will ceratinly help to provide the most fesible solution to the problem in context.

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