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Analysis is a very basic but useful tool for a new startup. SWOT analysis helps organization to develop a strong business strategy.

SWOT includes internal as well as external factors namely:

SWOT analysis is the foremost need of each & every business, especially in the case of startup.


Any startup has an innovative & unique idea for its product/service. As Orwer IT & Media Services have experienced & technical resources, so estimated time to develop product/service would be less compare to others. So, when this all would be combined with client’s brand/ product awareness, definitely it will work as a strong base to move forward.


In any new product/service there is an ocean of opportunities, In Orwer IT & Media Services we always want to grab following factors as an opportunity. It includes space for the innovation, International exposure, patent benefits & acceptability of product/service in the market.


As there are always some threats engaged with startup like technical Challenges, uncertainty about adaptability of product, well timed delivery, but till the date of inception, Orwer IT & Media Services has triumph over with almost all these threats and enjoying startups.


While any company startups with innovation there are some factors which will work as weaken part like High Cost Structure, Low outcome & product/service range.

Right Platform Recommendation

Now a day’s recommendation is something crucial. Orwer IT & Media Services believes in work ethics that always drive towards mutual benefit. On the basis of analysis, our team will always recommend the right platform to develop that particular product/service. If any start up will not build on Right platform then it is clear that it is moving towards the dark tunnel. Technology is something that no one can ignore even the nominal factor. Platform is the base to develop any project. Orwer IT & Media Services has always make favor of right platform in terms of application & technology, and this is the reason that we have get success in almost all the projects by providing right acceleration in startup process.


Wireframe is skeleton framework of any website. Perfect Wireframe is essential to make active any product/service from its inactive form. On the basis of analysis & selected platform Wireframe has been created, which will give transparent idea for the next phase that how should we have to move ahead in designing & development part? This is the most important part of any startup, as it shows the basic concept and provides the anatomy that which organ will be settled where and how it will connect with other organs to make particular system active.

Wireframe will work as a guide for Designers, Developers & Investors that what is the process flow & how it works. At Orwer IT & Media Services, we strongly keep our eyes on this phase to convert your startup product/service into your most revenue generating product/ service.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”- Steve Jobs

And that is our philosophy when it comes to design. We always created design which is stunning, informative and at the same time logical that makes sense. This phase in startup process demands tons of creativity and unique conceptualization ability to give some impressive & attractive touch to the product/ service. This phase is very essential, because it is the reflection of your product/ service. There are chances that your startup product/ service may have to face failure because of weak designing, even though your product/service is best. Every time we come up with unique, modern & informative designs, so that our clients can enjoy the ride of success with his dream product/service.


In any Software or Application development project, NFP stands for Non Functional Prototype. Based on the successful transformation of one phase to another, Our Developers will create NFP. NFP is one kind of a demo part with non – productive functionality. This will give the basic but solid idea to our stakeholders that how would be the lookout of their end product/service. In Orwer IT & Media Services we will create a concrete & innovative NFP which will work as a self-explanatory tool for our stakeholders. Designing & NFP are the areas that need more focus in any startup, because it is going to become the base for main development phase. Orwer IT & Media Services will make available all the descriptions related to product/service. we assure our clienteles’ with our designs & NFP that their product/service will get desired achievement. NFP will work as an imaginative product of our clients & in Orwer IT & Media Services we will try to transform their imagination into reality through our design & development. This phase will also work as a navigation tool which will provide field level information to its stakeholders that how ultimately this product/service will work and what are the other menus/fields those are related to complete the task successfully.


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates.

Orwer IT & Media Services has swollen the concept of Startup approach based on the concept of BML (Build – Measure – Learn). BML feedback loop is the nucleus component of Startup methodology. In Orwer IT & Media Services we consider MVP as one of the most imp phase in startup approach because this step involves the communication and point out the problem that needs to be solved. MVP will work as an initiator to begin the process of learning as quickly as possible by cracking the following process like Split tests, Customer Interviews, Customer Development, Five Whys Root Cause Analysis, customer Advisory Board, falsifiable Hypothesis, Product Owner Accountability, customer archetypes, Cross functional Teams, Semi – Autonomous Teams, Smoke tests etc . Once the MVP is recognized, a startup can work made the successful story. This will entail measurement and learning part as we have described and also includes feasible metrics that can demonstrate Pros & cons question.

Basically the startup approach will work on asking 5 Why root cause questions. It includes simple questions and its answers which have an immense effect on end result. Once the team will complete the phase of learning & Measuring, It will give the clear idea to the company, whether they have to move towards the product/ service or not. If it is Yes then Company have the combination of IDEA + ANALYSIS which will give them a grand success, but if there is No, then it is a signal of Pivot.

“Pivot is a Process of change the strategy without change the Vision”.

Orwer IT & Media Services strongly believes in technical specification at all level, so that it can minimize the risk and gives best output.

Interest & Investment

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. “– Steve Jobs

When any MVP is work as a proposed product, it will always create curiosity in the market. This phase will attract the Investors to acquire this product/service as their new business and create interest in the mind of stakeholders to perceive the end product/service. This phase will give idea about the future demand of the product/service in the market. At Orwer IT & Media Services we also see investment as an allocation of respective resource in various phases of development. In Orwer IT & Media Services rather than allocation, we will term this phase as an investment because it the decision making phase and from the date of inception we have always enjoyed success because of the correct decision taken in this phase.

Phase with Development

This is the core phase of any startup process as the journey of development of clients’ imagination into reality will start from here. In Orwer IT & Media Services we follow the rule with some extra checklist which makes us differ from others. By taking Correct decision as per requirement we will keep our eyes on every phase of development which includes analysis, designing, Coding, Testing, Client communication. We always want to deliver which is better than expectation in evry domain. This also has been possible because we have the team of certified & technical expert developers & designers who will work dedicately for the each & every project to deliver project in specified time.


Iteration is a record of each & every update in phase wise development. It will work as an index for Orwer IT & Media Services project team, so that if at any point of time we have to check , we can easily find out and can refine the conclusion. Orwer IT & Media Services means transparent, and as per our maning we have created transparent culture with our clientele in regards of communication, which has make us one of the most demanded company in IT industry.

Final Product

Learning is an endless & Continuous process, we are now enjoying the today’s smart & advanced life with so many technical spheres around is. But as a start up you have to find corroborated learning, so that it can become the base of your next successful startup and on the basis of this philosophy we have successfully delivers the project with Value in well timed. This can enhance the significance of any project.

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