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Zend Framework Development

PHP Zend development framework is one of the vital web application development platform by which PHP developers can easily create websites and rich internet applications at great speed.

At Orwer IT & Media Services, our Zend Application Development services backed by experienced PHP developers and technological resource to leverage cost efficient yet robust applications for your unique requirements. Our Zend Framework developers work on various projects based on a fair understanding of client’s purpose and goals from different perspectives. It helps us deliver exactly what our valued clients expect from us.

Zend Frameworks and Zend Web Development By ORWER

  • Custom Zend Development
  • Zend Framework Development
  • Zend Application Development
  • Enterprise Zend Development
  • Zend Website Upgradation
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Zend Framework Customization
  • Zend Maintenance & Support

Being one of the simplest open source web development platform, Zend PHP framework gaining a load of popularity among PHP development community around the globe. This open source framework is very scalable and comes with great flexibility that creates highly customized websites and web applications.

Advantage of Zend Framework
  • Supports all the databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL, etc…
  • Provides greater control over the design of the application and its in-built rich library supports dynamic website development.
  • Provides special components like Authentication, Session management, Mail, Formats and search core infrastructure for speedier development of richer web applications.
  • Highly modular MVC design that allows re-use of codes and their easy maintenance
  • Generates web applications for online business in regional languages for greater exposure to international and local markets
  • Provides high degree of scalability so that future expansion of website can be easily done accordingly to changing business needs.
  • Meshes smoothly with PHP5, which take out exhaustiveness from the application development process
  • Highly developer friendly because it is easy to learn and has flexible architecture which eases the PHP web application development process.
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